Wanting to put your home on the market this spring? Here are some tips to bring you top dollar for your home in the shortest amount of time!

Buyers are seeking homes that are requiring the least amount of work and are priced reasonably. They are worn out from selling their previous home don’t want the hassle of renovation. They will most likely be comparing your resale home to the new construction communities such as Lakewalk & Sisters Cove of Mooresville or Trilogy & Covington at Lake Norman in Denver and the Epcon Communities in Mooresville, Cornelius & Huntersville. All these communities have fabulous models that any buyer will fall totally in love with! That’s ultimately your competition. Spring 2018 will be bringing many new resale homes onto the market too. So here’s what you need to do to stand out in the lineup of new listings:

*Get a home inspection prior to listing: It is infinitely cheaper for you to find any issues that might cause trouble down the road.  It is always easier, and cheaper for you to do the repairs and get them out of the way prior to listing! Remember if you find any disastrous issues you don’t want to repair you do need to disclose those issues. It’s better to be open and honest rather than being sued!

*Give your home a facelift: Get rid of dated wallpaper, paint, caulk, & either clean or replace carpet and be sure your home looks good, is clean and smells good. There is an old saying in real estate: “If you can smell it…you won’t sell it!”. Make sure the kitty litter is fresh, or some people will run for the hills at the first sniff of Kitty’s Killer Litter Box. Neutralize colors throughout the home. Popular colors today are Agreeable Grey according to HGTV. So why fight it? Give the consumers what they want. Is that bright pink bedroom worth a lost opportunity to sell your home? Most buyers can not visualize a room that needs neutralizing. Depersonalize personal photos. Buyers can’t feel their family in your home if you have your family STARING at them in photos.

*Declutter & Donate: Buyers get freaked out and will likely not purchase a home that has too much clutter. Clutter also makes a room look smaller. Buyer so love a highly organized closet area and perceive that the home might have been well maintained if the seller gives the impression that they are highly organized.

*Landscape matters BIG TIME!: Buyers can fall in love with your home from the driveway if you have made the effort the be sure your landscape looks good, gutters are cleaned out & flower beds have fresh mulch and has pretty flowered annuals at the front door.  You only get one chance to make a first impression so why not make your front entrance look like it is out of Southern Homes Magazine? BAM, you’ve got their attention before they have even stepped foot in your home.

*Clean the windows or hire a professional: This is more important than you can imagine as it will make your whole house look cleaner and lighter. No buyer likes a dark home. Pull up all the miniblinds for showings and turn on every light.

*Hire a Realtor with only the highest credentials: Many Realtors claim they are #1 in their field. Do your research, read online reviews, research how many years of experience they have. I tell sellers in this day and age that real estate transactions are like running class 4 rapids: don’t try it without a seasoned captain in control!


For most people their home is their biggest asset. Why risk selling your home for less than it is worth by overlooking the small details that impress buyers? It is just like selling a car: wouldn’t you make sure there are no issues with the car, and have it detailed before trying to sell? Do yourself a favor and take the time to properly prepare your home for market. It could be the difference between selling your home for top dollar in a snap rather than having to wholesale your home for pennies on the dollar! Good luck this spring! Let me know if I can help you.

by Nadine Wynn